Greetings My name is Tarica Danielle, Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Owner
and Wellness Facilitator of Manifest Station LLC with over 5 years of experience professionally in the health and wellness industry.

My approach to healing is both intuitive yet very therapeutic. As an Intuitive Healer, Massage Therapist & Body-worker I use my intuitive abilities to connect and communicate with the body by using my knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology to perform muscle manipulation and palpation techniques. 

Having knowledge of all the systems of which the human body is made of, I am aware that the skin is the biggest organ in the body and for this reason I am proud to say that all of my body care products I use during my healing treatments are all vegan, non chemical and non toxic!

As well as being a doTerra Wellness Advocate I am supplied with the purest grade A therapeutic essential oils to ensure the highest quality to achieve maximum results. 

With years of studies and experience I can carefully create blends of essential oils specially customized to fit each and everyone of my clients needs, mood and or condition.

My purpose is for your purpose.

I am an aspiring healer on a path of perfecting my craft, I dream of healing many of any conditions back to health so they could live their
dreams/purpose that they were placed on this planet to pursue.